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At Cormier Spices, simply selling spices has never been enough. That’s why we’ve taken the time and effort to ensure our production process is at the highest level possible. With our extensive experience and your satisfaction as our number one priority, rest assured your needs will always be met here. Read below to learn more about our various spices.



This product is best described as "Seasoning Salt with a attitude" it has the standard seasoning salt ingredients and some added unique items.  Its MSG free and can be used on anything you would normally use salt on.  If your a popcorn lover, try sprinkling this on your next batch.


I have strict standards when it comes to steak.  I try not to settle for less than a nice marbled Rib Eye.  This perfect blend of spices will complete your favourite steak cut.  Sprinkle or rub on your steak before cooking.  For best result sprinkle and rub on the steak and let sit covered,  in the fridge 24hr before cooking.
Image by Lucas Vinicius Peixoto


From the slow cooker to the BBQ, this blend of spices and herbs is versatile and simple to use.  Try it on your favourite cut of Pork and I promise you wont be disappointed.  For best result sprinkle or rub on your Pork and let sit covered,  in the fridge 24hr before cooking.


Most of us don't have a rotisserie at home.  Sprinkle or rub this blend of spices on your chicken to give it a slow-roasted rotisserie flavour and golden appearance by simply broiling. For best result use chicken pieces with skin but will taste just fine if you must use skinless pieces.



This blend was inspired by some of my friends from Mexico.  Something I once thought was very strange has become one of my most addictive and versatile seasoning. Sprinkle this salt on corn to give it a Mexican style. Try it on your veggies when making Fajitas or sprinkle it on watermelon, tomatoes and cucumbers. Take your Nachos to the next level by sprinkling your tortilla chips with it before topping them. Use it to salt the rims of a glass to enjoy your favorite Margarita or Cerveza.


Making homemade Taco’s has never been easier, with this authentic seasoning created from a balanced blend of spices.  Use this spice to taste on your preferred meat or veggies and enjoy all the taste without the preservatives and fillers you get in a store bought pouch of similar seasoning.  Try using fresh corn tortillas and frying them in oil or baking them to created your own hard shell Tacos.

Meat Tacos


Making homemade Fajitas has never been easier, with this authentic seasoning created from a balanced blend of spices.  Use this seasoning to taste on your preferred meat or veggies, when making Fajitas. Try using it on your meat or veggies when making Burritos or Nachos.  Be creative and enjoy.


Our version of an old Louisiana favourite, Cajun seasoning can be used in many ways. Best on chicken or shrimp but be creative and use it in a multitude of dishes.

Herbs on Wooden Spoon


This blend of five core herbs keeps our Italian Seasoning as traditional as it gets. Use it for an extra kick of flavor to anything from dressing, marinades, meats even bread.  This seasoning is one you will reach for over and over.  Be very creative with this one.


If you love spicy food this is one you need to have in your kitchen. Use this seasoning on anything you want to add some heat too.  The perfect balance of spicy and flavour is exactly what your taste buds are asking for.  Warning....... this seasoning is pretty spicy so use it at your own risk. :)

Indian Spices


We’re always working and testing new products, please sign up for our mailing list and follow our social media to be notified when new products are released. If you have any new product ideas or suggestion please send them our way we are always open to suggestions and feedback.

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